Sex Worker Stories and Advocacy From the Windy City

Sex Workers WANT to Stop Trafficking

Sex workers and advocates for sex workers say why it’s important to include them, and their clients, in the fight against sex trafficking. They ARE part of the solution, but criminalization and harassment by law enforcement often prevents them from doing so.

Sex Work

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  1. 1/13/2011 | 1:18 pm Permalink


    >> I’m a sex worker.
    >> I’m a sex worker.
    >> I’m an attorney and activist for sex workers.
    >> I’m an advocate for sex workers
    >> I’m a sex worker.
    >> I’m a sex worker.
    >> I’m a sex worker and a sex worker’s rights advocate and I’m against trafficking.
    >> …And I’m against trafficking
    >> …And I’m against trafficking
    >> A sex worker is someone who engages in sexual behavior in exchange for money or services…
    >> … who chooses to perform without coercion or duress.
    >> A victim of sex trafficking is an individual who performs sexual labor under force or threats to sell for [indistinguishable]…
    >> …who does not receive any of the benefits of their fruits of labor and are exploited in other ways.
    >> Often the most marginalized in our society are the ones most at risk of sex trafficking.
    >> Most sex work does not involve trafficking: It involves consenting adults in consensual business exchanges.
    >> Conflation of consensual sex work with sex trafficking is a disservice…
    >> …to both victims of sex trafficking and to sex workers.
    >> We as sex workers, allies, and advocates are opposed to all forms of sex trafficking.
    >> Many people fighting against sex trafficking think all sex workers are victims of exploitation and abuse. This is a huge fallacy.
    >> Sex workers can educate anti-trafficking advocates and policy makers about the difference in perspectives between choice, circumstance, and coercion among those performing sexual labors.
    >> Immigrant rights groups…
    >> …labor groups…
    >> …and sex worker organizations…
    >> …can help anti-trafficking activists…
    >> …to ensure labor rights of all our defended.
    >> Sex workers and our clients are part of the solution, not the problem in identifying and rooting out the real abuses.
    >> Sex workers and our clientèle are more likely to come in contact with trafficked victims…
    >> …but often won’t report these situations due to fear of reprisals by law enforcement.
    >> We are in a position to offer more sensitive solutions for giving support to victims.
    >> We want to help.
    >> The criminal status of some sex work is a barrier to helping law enforcement tap into this vital resource.
    >> If you are involved in anti-trafficking efforts you can contact your local sex workers’ rights organization and invite them to discuss trafficking issues and policy making. [Banner: 1-877-776-2004]
    >> If there are no sex workers’ rights organizations in your area contact Sex Workers’ Outreach Project USA or The Sex Workers’ Project to find out how you can include sex worker’s input in the fight against trafficking. [Banner: 646-602-5617]
    >> Help us find safe avenues to report suspect trafficking…
    >> …where the person reporting won’t be subject to harassment or arrest.
    >> The presence of trafficked victims hurts us all. Sex workers want to help in the fight against trafficking but are often left out of the conversation.
    >> We need to be recognized as allies.
    >> When sex workers are not afraid of arrest, abuse, or misconduct by the police…
    >> …they can report unsafe situations, exploitation, and trafficking to law enforcement…
    >> …or non governmental organizations and potentially save lives.
    >> Sex workers want to stop trafficking: Let us be a part of the solution.
    >> Let us be part of the solution.
    >> Let us be part of the solution.
    >> Let us be part of the solution.

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    why are there a string of asian “health spas” along Archer from halsted ( xindy’s across from the train station) to about almost Damen Ave?

    They have foreign kept workers……It looks so sad to see these sexual sweat shops along the street. There are about 6 of them. A lot for that short a space. Asian run.

    What can anyone do about it?????

    I hate my daughter seeing it ( this is a main road in a family area..i mean waiting for the Halsted train or bus and yo9u see it) it is inappropriate in it’s location as well as …I hate knowing asian girls are being hurt….it’s a very massage parlor look. They are pretty obvious.

    is it a matter of police pay off?

  3. 1/31/2012 | 8:06 am Permalink

    @The Untoward Lady

    Thanks ever so much for your transcript!


    Could you give some background info about how/by whom this video was produced?
    Stella Marr, a former prostitute-turned-anti-prostitution activist said this:

    “That little video you link to above has been sent anonymously to survivor activists I know who are speaking the truth of prostitution.” I don’t even fully understand what she’s talking about. Can you tell me more about it?

    Full comments of Stella Marr at

  4. 1/31/2012 | 2:50 pm Permalink


    The video was written and produced by myself and a few other activists. I’m not really sure what Stella Marr is talking about either but I was not the one who sent the video link to her. It has been widely distributed since its creation. Nobody doubts the stories she tells but she needs to understand that one person’s story about prostitution does not reflect everybody’s experiences.

  5. 1/31/2012 | 8:26 pm Permalink

    Thank you, that’s what I suspected (since the original post on YouTube was by you).

    It’s a shame that Ms Marr seems unable to discuss matters calmly. I guess I have somewhat more symapthy for outbursts by marginalised people. I would think she could be more composed, having such a powerful lobby group behind her cause…

  6. 8/2/2013 | 2:03 pm Permalink

    Serpent – I met you in Hawk Kinkaid’s writing workshop at Desiree in Las Vegas (you thought my love letter to “stopping stealing” was embellished). I’m compiling some clips for a public access show here in Hawaii, and was hoping to include this as part of our break down of the fallacies in an anti-trafficking presentation at the local University. my email . If the answer is NO, it’s okay. Just thought I’d ask because I think this is an important message. Either way, keep it upp! Aloha – Doug

  7. 8/2/2013 | 4:20 pm Permalink

    Hey Doug, absolutely feel free to use the video in your anti-trafficking presentation!

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