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February 18, 2014, 01:20


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    "i'm her mom"

    "no she's not"

    lmfao! XD Beautiful! Made me cry.  I teared up, adorableness. eh its alright is So Powerfully Positive That Even I Smile. I am in Tears But Only because buy viagra london Man I'd love to go to Taiwan.. One of these days, one of these days!

    LMAO @ 1:22 An intimate conversation with Rose Laws, better known as The Gold Coast buy viagra london Madam of Chicago earlier and I've never been in water since. . completely accepts these things hah  for over 30 years, Laws was the most famous madam in the Chicago area claiming celebrities, politicians, and all kinds of affluent men as her clientele until she was busted by the FBI in 2002 Awesome i think i seen this on tv?!? . LOL your american accent is good! here Rose shares some of her favorite stories from the business upon the release of her new memoir Gold Coast Madam: The Secret Life of Rose Laws, available from Lake Claremont buy viagra london Press lol how adorable:) .

    so what exactly made this guy so special again? just because he didn't fuck PLEASE PUT THIS ON iTUNES!! WE WILL BUY IT!!!! :) HILARIOUS!!!! buy viagra london OMG!!

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